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Photographs of Light

A luminous co-creation

It is through a request sent to the universe that these two artists will meet in October 2018 and quickly develop an artistic and spiritual collaboration.

 Mamz'Elle Flora introduces Pauline Fx career and passion photographer to her luminous and fluorescent artistic universe and it is immediately a creative love at first sight that will lead them to explore faces, bodies, in the snowy forest and in a abandoned chapel THE LIGHT playing various mediums.


LUX means "light" in Latin.
The lux lumen is also a unit of measuring light illumination.
Lucifer is a Latin word that is the contraction of lux (light) and ferre (carrier). It literally means the light carrier.

 Through this series of photographs, these artists seek to extend a common message for both of them, that of bringing light, of radiating that light in her and on others, of bringing this dazzling light to this disenchanted world.  A message of hope!

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Each photograph is offered for sale, different formats are possible.


Currently exhibited at La Base, the third place of Malraux scène Nationale in Chambéry.

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Photographs for sale

Each photograph is offered for sale, different formats are possible.

Mamz'Elle Flora

Mamz'Elle Flora is a visual artist who has been working for 3 years in an artist collective in Quebec "Eden Creative" as artistic director and she is also a graphic designer for 12 years (comm agency, company and freelance).

Mamz'Elle Flora is passionate about art, a creative at heart, scissors in each hand, DIY at all times, she uses various mediums to express her creativity.  

Much of her work comes to life under blacklights: iridescent objects and paintings, she imagines and creates the lighting sets and immersive installations that will plunge the viewer into the dreamlike world of Eden Creative.

She also likes to play with bubbles and makeup brushes on your faces and tattoos.

Pauline Fx Photographer

"I see life as a big ball of energy, a circle of smiles, an ellipse of earthly filth."

Often categorized as "Unstable," referred to as "Crazy," nicknamed "My Radius." She is really listening to her world. Relativist first and foremost. Tormented and sensitive. His life is a perpetual search for the Why?! It is a minor chord, a niche of Sweets, completely "next door" and brimming with colors, it juxtaposes its desires and projects on the ambiguous and contradictory red thread of Life. Poetic, passionate, dedicated. "I'm all that, but I'm not RieN."

In short, self-taught photo-addict since 2011 she works portraits, she photographs children, human and animal celebrations for that matter, Nature, everything you don't see if you don't take the time to look. She loves others as much as she hates them.



A collection of vibrant photographs that by a sacred (church) and profane contrast (LED light and blacklight) evoke a poetically ravishing iridescent dreamlike universe.

- Mirek Hamet

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Chambéry, Savoie - France


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